Best Websites to Find Remote Work

By Anna Krol


I have been working remotely for 3 years now. I have been lucky enough to get my first remote internship back in London. In the same, blessed again, I attended a free career event in London’s Google Campus and a representative from Upwork gave a speech about the platform. I decided to sign up immediately after hearing how many opportunities there are to work with global clients and to get involved in exciting projects! Since then I have built a strong profile on Upwork and now clients approach me with job invites daily. It took me 3 years, lots of hard work, self-discovery and frustration but here I am 🙂

There are more and more people who want to work online. I don’t blame them at all. It is so far the best way for me.. to be location-independent. I have been running an online course on how to get a job and work with international clients and most of my students are looking for clients on Upwork. The market there started to be quite challenging and entry criteria much more stricter. That is why I prepared for you a list of websites and places that worked for a big bunch of people. Maybe they are right for you?

Websites/places to go to for remote work:

Upwork – Mixed opinions on this site, but it’s one of the biggest and I used it successfully. Put some time into creating your profile, and don’t settle with the lowest paying jobs.

We work remotely – Good website for finding tech jobs and more qualified management jobs. You can find many customer services opportunities as well.

Get Apprenticeship – Great place to get your first internship in an non-technical usually sales and marketing related role at growing and exciting startups.

LinkedIn Jobs – I would say quite underestimated by freelancers. It is easier now to add a new contact from a dream company and pitch your skills directly to them.

Remote OK – I just clicked around on this website. I lite the look of it. They seem to have a lot of jobs in different categories.

Remotive – Up to date with a lot of fresh jobs and people seem really happy about using it.

Remote work hub  – Inspiring website with a lot of resources. And interesting jobs too!

The Muse – Full time jobs mainly. Engineers, marketeers, writers, sales people, there is almost everything on here. I do really like this website, worth checking it out just to get inspired.

Freelance writing – Writing only. Easy to navigate. Some freelancers use almost only this site and are satisfied.

Workew- Nice website, seems easy to use and they have some good jobs up there.

Flexjobs – You can search for free but you need to pay to get the good stuff and apply for jobs. People are getting good work from there, though.

The Penny Hoarder – On personal finance and smart tricks to save and earn more. You can write for them, but you can also find work on their website.

Find Bacon – For designers and developers. Haven’t used it but I like the look of it.

Remote Mission– For socially minded remote workers. Projects in charity and socially responsible companies and organisations.

Translatorsbase – For translating gigs only. Easy to use websites, some people are really happy about the site but I’ve also read that it can be hard to use with very slow response from the people behind it.

Best of luck!


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