about a costa mindset

Anna Krol


I am Ania and I am a writer here on Costa Mindset, I am a Polish digital nomad expat living in Spain.

The idea of this blog came from the moment I moved to Spain from London. I knew that from now on I

a) will be working as a freelancer/online business owner and

b) will be living at the sea.

In order to lead a nomad life, and in my case a digital nomad life, I needed a mindset shift to stay disciplined, focused and be resilient while changing environments, places, cities, industries, clients and the way of working. Since I was a little girl my dream was to live at the sea and feel the breeze on my skin – basically living at the cost. That is why I combined these two words – Costa Mindset.

In my blog you will find much information about digital nomad life in general, virtual work, travel, lifestyle, food and many others.

I am currently in Malaga so if you are passing by, let me know and we can get some good wine and tapas 🙂